Sewage Treatment Plants

These have the same settlement ability as septic tanks but use one of various forms aeration to allow  more thorough digestion of waste allowing a purer effluent that can be discharged to a watercourse or sensitive ground. The cleaner water also means that they won't pollute a soak away network beneath your garden. There's hundreds of treatment plants to choose from all offering different benefits. We stick to the better manufacturers... when you're potentially spending thousands of pounds it's not too much more to invest in a true quality system.

Our favoured system is the BioRock system which does not use mechanical or electrical aspects to treat the waste, just clever design. This means the system is very reliable and servicing and repair costs are kept to a bare minimum. It's also the Eco choice as it's not constantly drawing on your power supply or asking for replacement components. The quality of manufacture is almost as fantastic as the design; internal strengthening and a concrete encasement means it's not going anywhere! We are of course BioRock approved installers and operate from our Wirral base across Cheshire, up to North Manchester, down to Shropshire and through North Wales. When required we can liaise with councils and local authorities, planning and building control and the Environment Agency to ensure that you're sewage treatment system is approved and meets the requirements. A permit to discharge can also be obtained on your behalf. Sewage treatment plants often struggle to cope with cleaning products such as bleach, antibacterial cleaners and washing powders, however they work well with our tank safe cleaning products available here.