Septic Tanks

Septic tanks are designed to accept all the property's foul waste when you aren't connected to a sewer: this includes toilet, kitchen, bathroom and washing utility water. Often confused with a cess pit, a septic tank is designed to settle waste and pass clean(ish) water to a soak away. A small amount of natural digestion and decomposition allows the levels of waste to reduce in the tank and further cleans the effluent. Modern septic tanks are great at settlement but rarely give much thought to digestion.

The Victorian design usually wins out for digestion providing it is sized right. We can extend and adapt existing septic tanks in accordance with BS 6297 which can offer substantial benefits over a complete replacement. Stone filter beds can be dug out and cleaned and adapted to our own robust de-sludgeable design which allows the system to be cleaned on each annual emptying. This offers great protection to an otherwise vulnerable soak away network. Septic tanks often struggle to cope with cleaning products such as bleach, antibacterial cleaners and washing powders, however they work great with our tank safe cleaning products and enzyme maintainers available here