Drain Relining

Relining is a trenchless technology and means we can often repair large lengths of a drain run without needing the upheaval of a dig, which is invaluable if you have a broken drain under a house or new drive. The pipe is cleaned before a resin polymer liner is inserted through the damaged drain then stretched, inflated and cured to provide a smooth, watertight and structural repair. Liner is as strong as a new pipe and there are no joints along its length that can fail.

Drain liners can hold up a collapsing pipe, hold roots out, prevent blockages and stop leaking drains. Patch liners can also be installed to secure sections normally considered out of reach. We've been installing drain liners since before the turn of the millennium so we know how to get it right! The manufacturers we choose to supply our materials started manufacture at the end of the 80's so we keep good company in terms of long lasting quality and valuable product experience.