Our Drainage Services

We offer the full spectrum of drainage services, from location, to drain surveys, to repairs, maintenance, clearance and new drain systems. We are also specialists in sewage treatment, septic tank installation and rain water harvesting.

Drain Clearing

wirral-drain-clearingBlocked drains are rarely fun! It might be a blocked toilet or overflowing kitchen drain, you might even have sewage flooding around the property! We invest heavily in our specialist high pressure water jetting equipment to ensure we have the right gear for the job. With water moving at up to 500mph we can remove grease, wipes, sanitary wares, roots or even concrete. When things get really serious we have mechanical root cutters driven by hydraulic pressure that are capable of chewing through really thick and stubborn root blockages.

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Drain Location

You might need to find where your drains go if you're planning an extension or moving a bathroom. We can pass a radio location beacon (sonde) through the drain and pinpoint its location on the surface. We can also tell you the depth. This service is available to our customers but also helps us to get things right 1st time when repairs are quoted for. We've had instances where customers have covered their lawns with holes trying to find a drain, however in most cases we can locate a drain to within a few inches and it usually only takes a few minutes!

Sewage Treatment Plants

These have the same settlement ability as septic tanks but use one of various forms aeration to allow  more thorough digestion of waste allowing a purer effluent that can be discharged to a watercourse or sensitive ground. The cleaner water also means that they won't pollute a soak away network beneath your garden. There's hundreds of treatment plants to choose from all offering different benefits. We stick to the better manufacturers... when you're potentially spending thousands of pounds it's not too much more to invest in a true quality system.

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Drain Relining

Relining is a trenchless technology and means we can often repair large lengths of a drain run without needing the upheaval of a dig, which is invaluable if you have a broken drain under a house or new drive. The pipe is cleaned before a resin polymer liner is inserted through the damaged drain then stretched, inflated and cured to provide a smooth, watertight and structural repair. Liner is as strong as a new pipe and there are no joints along its length that can fail.

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Land Drains

Land Drains Wirral

Is your garden too wet to use for most of the year? Are your borders and lawns flooded or suffering with waterlogged ground? Much of the local area is on a heavy clay base which means you're not alone in your suffering. We have been installing land drains since the company began so we know how to drain your garden. A common mistake we've see is actually overdoing it and draining a lawn so much that it turns brown in the summer!

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Biorock Waste Water Treatment

The BIOROCK®-S series units are packaged domestic waste water treatment plants, providing a consistent high quality effluent that meets the highest standards. No electricity or moving parts are required, minimizing running costs and maximising reliability. The effluent is odour free and is suitable for irrigation or re-use in the grey water system.

The BIOROCK® S Series system functions as a two stage Sewage Treatment Plant. The raw sewage first enters a Primary tank to provide pre-separation and initial breakdown of organic solids. The sewage then passes through an effluent filter before discharging into the BIOROCK® unit itself which incorporates the aerobic filtration process. Where required the BIOROCK® S Series can be retrofitted to a traditional septic tank.

Drain Renewal & New Drains

Sometimes a liner won't do the job. We can locate damaged sections of drain and replace what's needed. You might be extending your house or fitting a new bathroom and need an extra gully or soil stack. Our specialist staff are chosen for their attention to detail so they can put your patio or drive back together like we've never been. They also won't trample the pansies! All our drainage works are carried out to current building regulations (Section H) and industry best practices. We are used to seeing our work approved by building control and other authorities, most of which have come to know of our high standards.

Septic Tank Soak Aways

Septic tanks always pass a level of untreated waste through to the soak away. A healthy system will pass very small amounts of biological solids through and the soak away will have sufficient bacterial activity to digest this and return it to the soil. For this reason, septic tank soak away design focuses on surface area and will consist of a pipe laid over a stone bed. This arrangement is usually located under a garden.

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Septic Tanks

Septic tanks are designed to accept all the property's foul waste when you aren't connected to a sewer: this includes toilet, kitchen, bathroom and washing utility water. Often confused with a cess pit, a septic tank is designed to settle waste and pass clean(ish) water to a soak away. A small amount of natural digestion and decomposition allows the levels of waste to reduce in the tank and further cleans the effluent. Modern septic tanks are great at settlement but rarely give much thought to digestion.

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Drain Maintenance

Living near the shore or beneath a lot of trees means that you're going to get leaves or sand blocking your roof water gullies as well as drains on your driveway or parking area. Cleaning these out can be hard work, especially on larger properties or flats. We will clear debris from the drains and flow test everything we can. If we have any concerns we'll discuss these with you. This is usually done every one or 2 years.


Pump Chambers

These might be used to discharge from a land drain, take water from a cellar or deal with the discharge from an entire property taking toilet waste and all. We can repair or replace failed pumps and float switches, carry out servicing and make new installations. We have a small number of reliable and trusted manufacturers that supply our equipment. Pumps and installations are always specified to provide reliable and sustainable service for whatever task. 

Roof Water Soak Aways

Some properties rely on soak aways to dispose of rainwater. Sustainable drainage regulations suggest that all new roof and surface water drainage should be disposed to ground on the property where possible in order to reduce flooding risks for watercourses and sewers. Surface water soak aways (usually buried beneath a lawn) need high capacity rather than surface area.

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Drain CCTV Surveys

You might be a house buyer needing a home buyers drain survey to check what you can't see of your new purchase or you might have experienced blockages, structural movement or damp. We have CCTV drain survey equipment that we can inspect accessible parts of the drainage system to map the drain layout and location and find any hidden faults. Your drain report will contain a drainage layout map and full details on the drainage construction along with any faults found.

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Rain Water Harvesting

This is the concept of retaining the rainwater that falls on your roof for reuse and many people do this with water butts. Systems we can install store vast amounts of water in a below ground tank and can be pumped back to the house for flushing toilets, feeding washing machines, washing floors, washing the car and watering the garden - this adds up to around half of the household water usage. The system is really easy to use and works just like mains pressure. There are also huge benefits to the equestrian sector - horses are stronger and healthier on the purer water that lands on your roof as added fluoride and chlorine in tap water impacts on gut health which has knock on effects.